Bhoramdev Centrury

Bhoramdev Sanctuary is spread over Green Hariers. Expanded in the area of 352 square kilometer, this sanctuary boasts many natural and prehistoric features in it. Kanha National Park and Achanakmar Tiger reserve provides protection for both.

Bhormadev Sanctuary was notified in the year 2001. Then Chhattisgarh was formed as a new state. Along with the Chilphi Valley, an extended buffer zone of Kanha National Park also came to the newly formed Chhattisgarh state. Since this area of Bhoramdev and Chilphi was already in the form of a corridor between the Khanha National Park and Achnakmar. The movement of wildlife has always been there. Therefore, similarities are also found in the species of wild beings naturally. It was also notified here only on the name of Bhomdev Temple, named after Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh.

Bhormadev Temple Sanctuary extends from 800 53 ‘east latitude to 810 10’ latitude and 210 54 ‘north longitude 220 15’. In the north it extends to the southern boundary of Dindori district, then Mandalakona touches the northern boundaries of the village in the south. Similarly, from Chapri village to Chapri village is the eastern boundary of the Western Border Reserve, this sanctuary stretches to the fifth village of Balaghat district situated on the eastern boundary of Kanha National Park in the west.

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How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest airport is at State Capital Raipur . Mana Airport is approx. 150 Km. from Bhoramdev Century.

By Train

Nearest Railway Station is at State Capital Raipur . it about 150 Km. from Bhoramdev Century.

By Road

Bhoramdev Century is well Connected to Raipur, Bilapsur,Durg city via road.